Helping Homebound Heroes - September

“I joined the Navy to see the world, and they sent me to Kingsville, Texas,” Ted Denny says with a laugh – shaking his head at the thought of being stationed in a landlocked town 35 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Denny served his nation from 1971 to 1975.  He later worked on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline before going to school to learn how to be an auto mechanic; a talent that served him well in his working life.  He spent more than a decade employed in the service department of Buick dealership in Austin, Texas.

Affordable Housing Bond

Austin is in a housing crisis. Everyone knows it. Everyone feels it. This is why we have come together in partnership with Caritas, Austin Habitat for Humanity, Foundation Communities, Lifeworks, and Keep Austin Affordable to advocate for what can be one of the biggest investments in our community for generations: the Affordable Housing Bond.

“It’s Fulfilling to Help People”

Larry Rogers admits it - he began delivering meals to score points with a woman he liked. “She was a volunteer and I wanted to date her.  I thought if I joined her, I could impress her,” he recalls with a laugh.  And his strategy worked– just not the way he planned.

“It Would be Rough If I Didn’t Have Help”

Here are two things you need to know about 96-year-old Gareth Pollard: first, while serving in the U.S Navy during World War II, he narrowly dodged death not once, but twice, both on the same day.  And, on a much safer note, two years ago, he decided to teach himself how to play the piano.

Helping Homebound Heroes - August

More than two years after he famously declared, “I shall return”, American general Douglas MacArthur walked ashore at Leyte in the Philippine Islands in October 1944.  And 20-year-old Joe Celestino of Austin was there.  “[MacArthur] returned with a bunch of people, I was one of them,” Mr. Celestino recalls nearly 75 years later after he served in an amphibious tractor battalion in the Pacific theater of World War II.