BSS+ Provides Affordable Housing for MOWCTX Clients

Back when his health still allowed him to earn a living, it was impossible for Pedro Almaguer not to take his job home with him. He and his wife, Mirian, actually lived in the garage where Mr. Almaguer repaired all makes and models of cars and trucks.

But at 81-years-old, he’s no longer able to work.  He and Ms. Almaguer, who is legally blind, live on the limited Supplemental Security income they receive. Mr. Almaguer even tried to make ends meet by picking up and recycling aluminum cans – but it wasn’t enough.  By the time the couple’s gas service was about to be disconnected, the Almaguers reached out to their Meals on Wheels Central Texas Case Manager, Morgan Morrison. Morgan helped the Almaguers apply for BSS+ assistance that would allow them to move to affordable housing in their East Austin neighborhood.

First though, BSS+ helped the Almaguers maintain their utilities until they were chosen for a unit in an affordable senior apartment complex.  When it was time to move, BSS+ even helped the Almaguers pay for movers, the security deposit, and the first month’s rent at their new apartment.

Now in their new home, the Almaguers deeply appreciate all of the support they received from BSS+.