Client/Route Changes

January 18, 2017

As the demographic make-up of Austin changes, we find that our higher-need service areas are also constantly shifting.  For years, central Austin was the area that had the highest concentration of clients.  It now seems people in need of our services are moving out of central Austin and relocating further out. We’ve recently noticed areas in North and South, East and West quadrants are experiencing an influx of clients, while client numbers in the central part of town are at an all-time low. 

The effect on routes is being felt. Some sites have had tremendous growth while others are getting smaller. It is now inevitable that MOWCTX must address these changes by rerouting many areas. In an effort to create more even and balanced routes, you may notice changes to your route and clients.  Travel distance, number of clients and delivery time are all factors that are taken into consideration when a change is necessitated. Keeping routes efficient and deliverable within an hour for you remains our goal. However, please note all routes will remain within the current service area of the site from which you currently deliver. That is not changing.

With the shifting and/or adding new routes, it may be necessary for us to move clients to whom you’ve become close.  If this happens, we encourage you to visit clients you may have befriended, even if they are no longer on your list.

We appreciate your understanding and patience with this process. Like many others in our community, we are trying our best to adapt to change, while also ensuring a fulfilling volunteer experience for those of you who are kind enough to donate your time.  Thank you and we value your support.

For questions or concerns, please call Volunteer Services Department 512.476.6325.