Get to Know the Drivers Serving Our Seniors

August 3, 2021

After retiring from a successful career as a writer and producer of popular children’s television shows, Jerome Schoolar began serving his community in a different way – as a driver for Meals on Wheels Central Texas. “I wanted to do something that was fun and gave me purpose.” Jerome’s mother and grandmother both used to cook for a Meals on Wheels program in Texas, which inspired him to apply as a driver.

For almost a year now, Jerome has been serving the seniors in Central Texas by delivering nutritious meals to clients. “A client on a typical day will get a bag of frozen foods, a bag of juices and milks, and a bag of shelf stable foods.” Jerome delivers to around 25-35 clients each day, but his impact goes beyond the food he brings. “They need us; you’re there not just to give them food, but also doing wellness checks and to see how they’re doing.”

Another driver, Teddy Tobias, has been working with Meals on Wheels Central Texas since 2004. 

After seventeen years at his job, Teddy’s favorite part is still the relationships he has with his clients. “The best part is getting the food to the clients and making sure they have something to eat for that day. There’s clients that know me well since I was there for them every day.” Thanks to Teddy’s service, seniors are able to age safely in the comfort of their own homes. Teddy encourages anyone who is considering becoming a driver to take action, because it is our job to care for one another. “One day you’ll be in the same boat, and someone will have to come to you! That’s the main thing I believe.”

Work with amazing people like Jerome and Teddy while giving back to your community as a driver for Meals on Wheels Central Texas. If you are interested in becoming a driver, visit the page below for more information.

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