Helping Homebound Heroes - December

December 3, 2018

Rosauro and Pauline Zamora loved the little house so much they bought it and paid to have it moved nearly five miles away to a plot of land they owned.

That was in 1965.  More than a half-century later, Ms. Zamora is 91 years old, and still lives in the little home in East Austin.  Mr. Zamora, who served in the U.S. Army during World War II, passed away 20 years ago.  The couple’s grown children and grandchildren all pitch in to help Ms. Zamora, who was diagnosed with dementia five years ago.

It’s important to the family that Ms. Zamora stays in her home – they say she’s happy there and they also can’t afford the high cost of an assisted living facility. 

Recently, though, the home, which was built in 1930, became unsafe.  The pier and beam foundation desperately needed to be replaced as did the roof.

Thanks to funding from the Home Deport Foundation, the Meals on Wheels Central Texas Home Repair program was able to transform Ms. Zamora’s house into a much safer place for her to age in place.

Belinda Gonzalez, Ms. Zamora’s eldest daughter, says of the repairs “we are so very grateful and thankful for everything!”