Helping Homebound Heroes - October

October 1, 2018

Nancy Guerrero has 11 children, 23 grandchildren, and so many great grandchildren she’s simply lost count.

Family means everything to Ms. Guerrero who is 86-years-old and widowed (she and her late husband met at a dance when he was serving in the U.S Army).  Her home is the hub for all special reunions, and because her house is tiny, the party always spills over into her backyard. She lives in this one story home with her oldest son Joe Alvarado. Joe says “he can’t stop his mom from cooking or being in the garden and her neighbors love her”.

Nancy likes to spend most of their day in the backyard to watch the many native and exotic birds that perch in the bustling greenery of her backyard. She loves to feed the blue jays and cardinals that come to her lawn and she always has a fresh supply of bird food waiting. She even owns two parakeets of her own that fly around her house.

Two years ago Ms. Guerrero’s home was completely remodeled in part through funding from the Home Depot Foundation, but now Nancy is excited about the large pergola and fencing added to her house. She doesn’t intend to ever stop the parties and reunions and the pergola will add more shade and a place to sit in her backyard.