Helping Homebound Heroes - October

September 27, 2019

Alma and Gerald Blocker purchased their Northeast Austin home in 1984.  At the time, Mr. Blocker was in the U.S. Army.  Thirty-four years later, he passed away, and these days, Ms. Blocker, who is 76 years old, lives there alone.

The house holds a special place in her heart.  “I’m comfortable here.  My home means a lot to me,” she says.    That’s why the Meals on Wheels Central Texas Home Repair program and the Home Depot Foundation were happy to team up recently to tackle much-needed repair work to the house, transforming it into a safer environment for Ms. Blocker.

Repairs included removing and replacing all siding and flooring, the installation of an accessible toilet, new HVAC system and ceiling fans.  Then, once all of the work was done, members of Team Depot painted the exterior of the home, worked on landscaping and installed a flagpole in her yard.

Ms. Blocker couldn’t be happier with the finished product: “Meals on Wheels Central Texas and the Home Depot did an awesome job!”