“I’m So Glad That She’s Here”

December 5, 2018

“I’ve got a walker, and I cannot take a step without it. Letty is a wonderful help for me.  She does all of the things I can’t do,” says 80-year-old Jean Lunan.

Letty is Leticia Moreno, Ms. Lunan’s Meals on Wheels Central Texas In-Home Care attendant.  Three times per week, for three hours each day, Ms. Moreno helps Ms. Lunan with the activities of everyday living.   “I make a list of things I’d like for her to get done that day and she just gets down to business,” Ms. Lunan says.

That “business” includes cleaning Ms. Lunan’s Central Austin apartment, doing laundry, running errands, grocery shopping, and more.  All of which is second nature to Ms. Moreno.  “I’ve been working with [older adults] for several years.  It’s what I love to do, helping others,” she explains.

Ms. Lunan used other in-home care agencies in the past but didn’t find the quality of service she was looking for.  “I had [attendants] that I didn’t feel comfortable with,” she recalls.  But all of that changed when she switched to Meals on Wheels Central Texas In-Home Care: “I feel absolutely comfortable with Letty.  She does a professional job and she’s just a pleasure.  And I just can’t get over how well run the entire organization is.”

In addition to receiving our In-Home Care services, Ms. Lunan is also signed up for our Meals on Wheels home-delivered meals.  “I get the lunches every day and they are delicious,” she says.  She enjoys the visits from our dedicated volunteers who deliver the meals.  But it’s her time with Ms. Moreno she really looks forward to.

And Ms. Moreno feels the same way about Ms. Lunan: “She means a lot to me.  Leaving here knowing that she’ll be okay for the evening makes me happy,” she says.

That dedication provides Ms. Lunan with much-needed peace of mind: “We get along really well.  It’s a pleasure for me to see her little face.  I’m so glad that she’s here.”