“It is a godsend program for people who need help.”

April 5, 2023

Caron Bailey found her way to Austin via El Paso. She decided to visit Texas from the Virgin Islands where she grew up. When she landed in Austin, even though it was a bit landlocked compared to what she was used to, she stayed. An Army veteran of many years, Caron served from 1991-2019. After retiring from the military, Caron tried to work for herself and run her businesses. When that didn't pan out, she began working for the City of Austin. Caron bought her home in 2006, the same year it was built. Ï liked the layout. It was close to work and central to everything I needed." Although the house looked pristine, it had unfortunately been built on land prone to sinking and shifting. Sinkholes out in front and a shifting foundation prompted Caron to pay out $6,000 towards fixing the problem, but it continued even after those repairs, and she needed funds. She found the Meals on Wheels Home repair program through the city of Austin and quickly applied as she needed a solution. She was approved rapidly, and work started in May of 2022. The contractors, with generous funding from The Home Depot Foundation, could repair and caulk cracks throughout the home and paint and repair the siding that a shifting foundation had damaged. Looking at her home now, Caron says, "I love it. I appreciate it. It is a godsend program for people who need help keeping their homes up and can't afford it."