“It was a lot of small projects that had a huge impact.”

March 10, 2022

"We never would have been able to do all this ourselves," says Yolanda Sotelo when looking at the various repairs she and husband Fred, received on their home of 13 years. Yolanda Sotelo was only 15 when she met the man who would become her husband. Little did the two schoolmates know that far into their future they would share a life and home together. Fred served honorably in the USMC from 1964-1972 in Vietnam and after that, the Philippines. His military career would have continued had he not been injured while on active duty. He was recognized with the Combat Action Ribbon, Vietnam Service Medal with three stars and the Vietnam Gallantry Cross Medal. What brought Fred back to Texas and to reconnecting with Yolanda, was a death in the family. Yolanda knew his family. That day was mournful but also hinted at a new beginning with the reunited classmates. When they bought their home in Buda, Yolanda says she loved the 20' ceilings but didn't think about the difficulty of repainting them with Fred's back injuries sustained from service. As time went on, other problems arose at their home: a steep grade leading to the side of their garage became perilous over time, cracked tiles in the entry were unstable and with Fred's knees beginning to trouble him, the bathroom commode was too low. In three short, busy weeks before the holidays, contractors from MOWCTX, worked efficiently and professionally to make the much needed repairs. "It was a lot of small projects that had a huge impact." Says Yolanda. The repairs and renovations included a set of steps leading to the side of the garage, repaired tiles in the floor, specially designed commodes and a storm door, which Yolanda says makes her feel safer overall. Now, instead of worrying about Fred falling or further hurting his back or knees, Yolanda says they can relax. Now they can have company over without worrying or feeling embarrassed by disrepair. Yolanda enjoys entertaining company now and says she'd love to have several of the MOWCTX Home Repair staff over because of the bond that formed over the length of the project.