“It’s an Activity I Enjoy”

October 19, 2016

“It’s an Activity I Enjoy”

Bill Phillips has no need for GPS while navigating South Austin.  “After 11 years, I’d say I know all of the streets without using a map,” he says of his time as a dedicated Meals on Wheels volunteer in that part of town.

Bill is a substitute driver, which means he fills in for other volunteers when they are unable to deliver their routes.  Our Volunteer Services Department calls Bill on an as-needed basis.  He’s always free to say he can’t drive that particular day.  But he rarely does.  The 74 year-old native Iowan is retired and it’s not unusual for him to sub five days a week, and he says he wouldn’t have it any other way.  “It’s fun because I usually get to do two, frequently three routes every day; so I get to see many different people.  It’s an activity I enjoy doing,” says Bill.

He also enjoys playing tennis, but even that takes a back seat when he gets that call from Volunteer Services: “Since I play two or three times a week, I might be on the court.  My tennis partners are used to me carrying my phone around and when the phone rings, play stops.”

Since Bill lives in Southwest Austin, he picks up meals at our Holy Cross Lutheran, United Methodist, or Prince of Peace Lutheran distribution sites, depending on where he’s needed.  His wife, Gay, who’s also retired, often pitches in.  “Frequently, on days when she doesn’t have volunteer activities of her own, she drives for me,” he says.

“At this point, I don’t see myself stopping,” he answers when asked how long he plans to volunteer.  “If I can still play tennis and deliver meals every day, then I’m very much happier.”  It turns out Bill Phillips doesn’t need a GPS to find contentment in life.

PLease join us as a substitute volunteer if even just for one day.  Learn more about volunteer opportunites.