“It’s been such a blessing”

December 2, 2022

"I guess we like each other since we have seven kids," laughs Misty Wiser. Misty and Troy Wiser met as teenagers while volunteering at their local church in Fresno, California. "We just knew the first time we talked, this was it," recalls Misty. Military service brought the couple to Fort Hood, where they started a family, which now ranges from eighteen to one year old. After his honorable discharge, Troy found work with the Austin Police department bomb squad. They rented in Kyle for a year, built a community of friends, and decided to buy. Their current home was in foreclosure and in excellent condition at the time, but after a few years, they noticed that their foundation was shifting– a problem seen throughout the neighborhood. Misty said the floorboards were separating, and she and Troy didn't know how they could afford the work that their home needed, for which they were quoted $15,000 and up. Misty found out about the Home Repair program through her church. “Our pastor had received services from the program and was spreading the word," says Misty. She quickly applied, and work began not long afterward. Misty recalls that when the foundation work was being done, she and her youngest children returned to California for her baby shower. When Misty returned, the bulk of the work had been done, and she was overwhelmed with emotion. “It has caused both my husband and me so much anxiety." Because of the generous funding from The Home Depot Foundation, the foundation was repaired and strengthened with piers throughout. The workers replaced their old HVAC system as well as the flooring downstairs that had buckled and separated. Misty and Troy are relieved that their family home has been restored, with a new baby due in January. “Every worker was so great and kind and respectful," recalls Misty. “It’s been such a blessing."