February 15, 2017

AUSTIN, TX (Feb. 9, 2017) –  Meals on Wheels and AT&T today joined forces to launch a series of Cell Phone Workshops for Seniors to help senior consumers harness the power of new and innovative technologies to improve their daily lives while staying connected with family and friends.


“The digital age provides all of us with wonderful, life-enhancing opportunities but, for many consumers, often comes with challenges and frustrations,” said Thad Rosenfeld, Vice-President for Communications at Meals on Wheels Central Texas.  “Many seniors whom we work with want to stay connected to friends and family and a smart mobile device is a great way to do that. We partnered with AT&T for a series of interactive workshops to help them harness the power of the device in their hand as well as address safety and security.”


The Thursday event is part of the Meals on Wheels Central Texas Healthy Aging Series, a series of presentations, lectures, discussions and information exchanges designed to enrich the lives of all participants.

“If someone is new to the Internet or using a new mobile device, getting started can be particularly challenging,” said Eva Munoz, Director–External Affairs at AT&T. “AT&T launched Digital You in 2015 geared toward many users, but definitely to help seniors and others learn how to use mobile devices, navigate the Internet, recognize scams, keep private information secure, back up data and more.  We hope the interactive workshops in partnership with Meals on Wheels will help seniors get the most out of these devices, the innovative applications and features that are geared to them, and help them continue to connect to family and friends.”


AT&T’s Digital You was created in collaboration with Common Sense Media and is a resource for parents, seniors, and users with disabilities about privacy, safety and security online.  More information can be found at