Meals on Wheels Means the World to Me

June 16, 2016

Louise Poppe looks forward to Fridays.  That’s the day of the week her lunch is hand delivered by 4-year-old Jace and his mother, Nicole Miles. “I just love to see them at my door.  I look forward to their visits very, very much,” says Ms. Poppe. 

Jace and his mom have been delivering our nutritious meals to her Southwest Austin home for the past year and a half.  At 93 years old, Ms. Poppe has lived alone since her husband, Ben, passed away in 1982.  We’ve been honored to serve her since 2011, shortly after she had a fall that required hip surgery.  “My first telephone call after I came home was to the Area Agency on Aging for suggestions. They arranged for Meals on Wheels to begin delivery of a noon meal right away. That meal, which is carefully prepared, nutritious and delivered to my door is a great blessing,” she says.

 Shortly after becoming a client of ours, she received an in-home visit from one of our case managers.  That’s when she learned about the many ways in which we help older adults maintain their independence.  “I was impressed with the list of many other services available, from the man who installed a special grab bar in my bathroom, to the nice young lady who helps me shop for groceries.  Meals on Wheels and More means the world to me” she says.

Ms. Poppe credits our dedicated volunteers for brightening her life: “Volunteers are so special to me.  They willingly and faithfully give of their time to help others less fortunate.  They are the face of Meals on Wheels. But there are so many more that work behind the scenes to make it all possible.  With everyone doing his/her job, the “wheels” can keep turning day in and day out.”

Jace and his mom are among those who ensure the wheels keep turning.  “She’s our favorite client.  We always chat with her.  We love seeing her,” says Nicole.  “Jace has lots of grandparents; they don’t live here in Texas but they do get Meals on Wheels.  So we love that they’re helped and we’re able to help out here.  It means a lot,” she adds.

 When asked what those Friday visits from Nicole and Jace mean to her, Ms. Poppe says “it means happiness. Jace is my friend.”