“The Volunteers are the Kindest People”

February 12, 2018

Alvino and Rebecca Mendoza have lived for 65 years in the East Austin house they built themselves.  It’s their foundation - a place in which they raised seven children and marked life’s milestones, including, a few years back, their 70th wedding anniversary.  The couple credits Meals on Wheels Central Texas for helping them live independently in the place they call home.

They got married not long after Mr. Mendoza returned to Austin at the end of World War II - he was in the Navy and survived the Battle of Okinawa.  All five of the Mendoza’s sons followed in their father’s footsteps and also served in the military.

These days, our dedicated volunteers hand-deliver our hot, nutritious meals to Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza’s home.  But they also deliver companionship, and a safety check.  Mr. Mendoza says the visits are just as important as the food.  “Becky and I are truly grateful to Meals on Wheels for helping us during our Golden Years. The volunteers are the kindest people who are always asking how we are doing,” Mr. Mendoza says.

The Mendozas are in their 90’s. But in his younger years, Mr. Mendoza volunteered delivering Meals on Wheels in his neighborhood. Now, the tables have turned. He says, “I’m happy to be a client and hand over the torch to more active volunteers. I love seeing people helping people. That’s the way it should be.”