Wheatsville Co-op Delivers Nourishment and Love

Wheatsville Food Co-op and Meals on Wheels Central Texas have some things in common – we both got started in Austin during the 1970’s and we both provide the people we serve with healthy food choices and outstanding customer assistance.

The 42-year-old co-op, which is the only retail food cooperative in the state, has been a longtime supporter of our mission to help older adults and people with disabilities maintain their health, safety, and independence.  In fact, MOWCTX was the focus of Wheatsville’s Community Action campaign this past December, which raised more than $12,000 for our agency.  All told, since 2005, Wheatsville has given MOWCTX nearly $50,000 to help Central Texans in need!

Wheatsville team members recently got the chance to meet some of the folks their philanthropic efforts help.  The employees volunteered to deliver meals and a little bit of love to some of our homebound clients on Valentine’s Day.  Our Volunteer Services Department gave the Wheatsville crew an orientation on meal delivery and off they went.

“The MOWCTX team was very thorough and got us all trained up super quickly. They really do a good job of getting volunteers to understand how important it is for the recipients to maintain their dignity while accepting help.  I felt super honored to be able to deliver HOT meals to people in my community.  I could see that our efforts were relied upon and that was a great feeling. I love that MOWCTX is an integral part of their lives,” says Dana Tomlin, Wheatsville’s Fresh Manager.

By the way, Wheatsville’s 21,000+ invested owners have already selected MOWCTX to be the food co-op’s Community Action charity for September 2018.  We deeply appreciate all that Wheatsville does for those we are honored to serve!