Winter Storm Response

May 21, 2021

This February, a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, our community was hit by an unprecedented winter storm that affected our clients, volunteers and staff. But it was also a moment that really showed the strength of community. Everyone came together to help those affected by the storm damage, and power and water outages.

During the storm, the Meals on Wheels Central Texas Client Services team called all of our clients even from their driveways – charging phones in their cars when their own homes lost power – to ensure they were safe and warm. In the aftermath of the storm, many of the older adults we serve were in need of food and clean drinking water. Right away, 200 dedicated volunteers answered our “call to action” by delivering donated emergency meals and clean drinking water to our senior neighbors.

After the storm left our region, we received calls from clients who were still experiencing home damage due to frozen water pipes. Our Home Repair team worked every day of the week to fix pipes and other structural damage as a result of the storm. Thank you to everyone in our community who donated, volunteered and advocated for our mission to care for homebound elders when they needed us the most.