“You did everything for us.”

November 8, 2022

Nancy Harvey and her husband James had only lived in their home in Kyle for eleven years, but their roof was one storm away from massive damage. The couple moved to their modest home when their son and his wife moved to San Marcos for work. The Harveys followed because as Nancy laughs "He's 65, but I still mother him." With two grandsons and five great grandsons, Nancy and James had a lot to keep them busy. The two met right as James was coming out of the Airforce. He served in the Korean War between 1952-1956. He and his friends were watching a movie at the Clock Drive in El Paso when he met Nancy who was a carhop at the time. "He was a big man when I met him." states Nancy. "Strong as an ox." While they had a quiet retirement together, they were living on a low fixed income and James now relies on a walker to get about the house. Nancy knew the house needed repairs but there was no extra funds to pay for them. So Nancy began researching veterans grants online. "I filled out so many applications for grants and yours was the only one that blessed us with a response." Because of the generous funding from The Home Depot Foundation, Nancy and James got an entirely new roof, HVAC system, upgraded windows and updated lighting in their kitchen. The bathroom was modified to accommodate James and his walker as well. "Now we can live here comfortably for as long as we are able," says Nancy.