“It’s Something We Can Do Together”

Beverly Darilek and Larry Koch serve as substitute drivers in the Round Rock and Pflugerville areas – filling in whenever regularly scheduled volunteers are unable to deliver their route – and it’s not unusual for them to deliver more than once a week.  After they’ve picked up the meals from our Round Rock or Pflugerville distribution sites, Beverly drives while Larry navigates the way to clients’ homes.  “It makes us feel good.  It’s something that we can do together.  Something we won’t argue about….too much,” she says with a laugh.  “Unless we get lost,” her husband jokingly adds.

“It’s Been My Lifeline”

Shirley Proctor has spent the vast majority of her life caring for others.  As a youngster during World War II, she helped raise her little brothers while her father served in the U.S. Navy.  By the time she was a young woman, she had two children of her own to nurture.  Ms. Procter eventually played a major role in caring for her granddaughter and, later, her great-grandchildren.

“It’s a Bright Spot in Your Life When Someone Knocks on Your Door”

While Malcolm Caldwell’s sense of sight and sense of hearing may have diminished over his 97 years of life, his sense of humor remains just as sharp as ever.  He just doesn’t get to employ it as often as he used to - because, these days, Mr. Caldwell lives alone in the South Austin home he and his wife, Bernice, bought 35 years ago. 

“Delivering for Meals on Wheels is Quick and Easy”

It takes a lot to rattle Meals on Wheels Central Texas volunteer Deb O’Keefe. As one-half of “The Morning X with Jason and Deb” on local radio station 101.5 KROX-FM, nothing seems to faze her during the fast-paced, unscripted, four-hour show that draws thousands of listeners every morning. But Deb does admit to being a bit uneasy on her very first meal delivery a couple of years ago.

“The Volunteers are the Kindest People”

Meet Alvino and Rebecca Mendoza, the couple featured on the homepage of our website and in our latest impact report.