AUSTIN, TX (Feb. 9, 2017) – Meals on Wheels and AT&T today joined forces to launch a series of Cell Phone Workshops for Seniors to help senior consumers harness the power of new and innovative technologies to improve their daily lives while staying connected with family and friends.

Honoring a Legacy, Building a New One

On April 1st, Adam Hauser will succeed Dan Pruett as President and CEO of Meals on Wheels Central Texas as Dan retires after 13 years of outstanding leadership. Please join us in honoring Dan's legacy and, under Adam's leadership, the beginning of a new one to ensure that MOWCTX can continue to nourish and enrich the lives of our low income, elderly neighbors.

“I’m Really Going to Miss These People”

Hollywood couldn’t create a better hero than the one Colonel William “Greg” Gregory is in real life. He flew P-38 fighter jets over North Africa and Europe and saw extensive combat during World War II. In the early 1960’s, he served as a squadron commander for the clandestine U-2 spy plane program. “The squadron I had, we found the first surface-to-air missiles in Cuba,” he recalls more than a half-century later. His team photographed the Soviet military sites, setting the stage for the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Col. Gregory was later awarded a medal by the CIA and received a letter of appreciation from President John F. Kennedy. He also is a combat veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Austin Blues Legend Counts on MOWCTX

From time to time, Hosea Hargrove grabs the guitar, cradles it in his arms and plucks the strings. For the most part though, the instrument lays in his room, idle, a faint reverberation of a lifetime spent singing the blues. Ms. Vincent (daughter) says she knows she can rely on MOWCTX to help her care for her dad … a man who spent a lifetime singing the blues but brought so much joy to others through his music: “It means a lot to me. He has put a lot of happiness in a lot of people, people love music and music is just in him.”

As I prepare to step down, thank you

Dear Friend: Meals on Wheels Central Texas is a community cornerstone. It’s a place where everyday people unite to help our neighbors. Our work addresses the mind, body, and heart of those we serve through life-sustaining programs. I thank you for being an essential part of this organization; whether you donate your time, your treasure, or both, your participation is what makes our community strong.  With my retirement coming in a few short months, I know I’m going to miss working side by side with the incredible team here at MOWCTX. But there’s peace in knowing that I leave behind a strong organization that can weather life’s storms and keep our community a place where compassion is of the greatest value ...