Our Response to COVID-19


Helping Homebound Heroes - July

June 29, 2021

Raul Lopez is a 78 year old Austin resident and homeowner. His home holds a lot of history and meaning for the Lopez family. Mr. Lopez’s mother lived in the house for several years before he moved in almost 7 years ago. Mr. Lopez moved into the house to care for his brother who was wheelchair bound, and unfortunately recently passed.

We’re Texas just keep livin Relief Fund - June

June 10, 2021

Austin resident and Army veteran Bernardo Romero had never seen anything quite like the winter storms that hit Texas in February of this year. Mr. Romero was one of the many Texans left without running water or heat during this difficult time.

Helping Homebound Heroes - June

June 2, 2021

U.S. Army veteran Homer Williams served three years working as a radio repairman, spending time in Augusta, Georgia, South Korea, and Fort Hood, Texas. After he left the Army, he had a varied career as a carpenter working on buildings in downtown Austin and spent 20 years working for the United States Postal Service.

Older Americans Month 2021: Communities of Strength

May 28, 2021

Eva McKay credits her furry companion, dog Maizey, with saving her life. Maizey kept rubbing against her neck – where she had been experiencing pain – and it prompted her to see the doctor. That is when she found out she had cancer.

How MOWCTX Takes on Increased Senior Social Isolation During the Pandemic

May 28, 2021

Studies have shown that nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older, nationwide, are considered to be socially isolated. Older adults are at increased risk for loneliness and social isolation because they are more likely to face factors such as living alone, the loss of family or friends, chronic illness, and hearing loss. Our holistic approach to senior care includes programs to help battle senior isolation and loneliness.