KXAN Meteorologist Visits Mike’s Place

David Yeomans, KXAN’s weekday morning meteorologist, visited Mike’s Place recently to talk about the weather and climate in Central Texas and beyond.

MOWCTX Renovates Home for 111-Year-Old WWII Veteran

Mr. Overton, who is 111years old, prides himself on his ability to live independently.  He’s owned his home in East Austin since 1948 – a few years after he returned from his service in World War II.  The recent renovations to the house allow him to maintain his independence safely and with dignity.

“Give Me the Biggest Route You’ve Got”

When Jim Stutsman ran for Congress in 2008, his campaign took a different route than the traditional “shake hands and kiss babies” approach. He became a Meals on Wheels Central Texas volunteer. “I (had) joined an organization called Texans for Accountable Government….and we came up with a lot of volunteer things and one of the things that came up was Meals on Wheels.”

MOWCTX Takes “a Load Off of My Mind”

“I was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and we moved a lot, for reasons unknown. I used to say my daddy stole chickens and my mother told fortunes,” says Victoria Kashe with a chuckle. But that nomadic lifestyle obviously left a deep impression on her; after graduating from high school in Ft. Worth, she went to work for Braniff Airways as a flight attendant.

Church Volunteers Deliver Food and Fellowship

“Churches are gathering places, they’re gathering places where people come together to share in community. But community doesn’t end at our [church] doors; community is out beyond our doors.” That’s how Laura Tomaszewski describes how she and several other members of the St. Julian of Norwich Episcopal Church in Round Rock formed a Meals on Wheels volunteer team in 2016.