Corporate Giving

Your partnership with Meals on Wheel Central Texas makes a difference in the lives of over 3,000 older and disabled adults a day!

We are available to work with your company to find the right partnership for you and your team. The support of the local community is essential to our mission. Please contact : 737.218.4189 

Our corporate partners who donate and/or volunteer are vital to the Meals on Wheels Central Texas mission. Through financial contributions and volunteerism, your company can make a significant difference in our community.

There are several ways your team can get involved:

Adopt A Day Sponsorship

Your company ensures that an entire day of Meal Delivery is accomplished. Our Adopt A Day program gives your company exposure to hundreds of community volunteers, thousands of clients and community supporters as the sponsor of that days' meals. A few Adopt A Day Benefits include:

  • Name and Logo printed on all packaged meals
  • Signage at all 13 volunteer pick-up sites

To discuss our full package of benefits, contact Erin Kemp.

Workplace/Employee Giving

Make philanthropy part of your corporate culture. By giving your employees the opportunity to give to charities through a Workplace Giving Campaign, you build morale, foster team building and give employees an opportunity to feel that they are a part of the community by giving back. See if your employer will match your contributions here.

Choose Meals on Wheels Central Texas by our name or campaign number. Our SECC - State Employee Charitable Campaign number is 228230, and our CFC - Combined Federal Campaign number is 61432. Can't find us in the listings? We changed our name to Meals on Wheels Central Texas in 2016, but can still be listed by our legal name, Meals on Wheels and More. 

To learn more, contact