Pride Month


At Meals on Wheels of Central Texas we are grateful to celebrate Pride Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness, advocacy, and affirmation for the LGBTQ+ community. The first Pride parade occurred on June 28, 1970, commemorating the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Stonewall is generally regarded as the beginning of the modern LGBTQ+ Rights Movement in the United States. 

What We Know: LGBTQ+ older adults often face, discrimination, homophobia and isolation. During this month, we celebrate the resilience of LGBTQ+ older adults, honor their past, and celebrate their present with pride.





How We Help: In addition to daily visits from our volunteers, many of whom develop life-long friendships with our clients to address isolation, we are in the midst of reopening our LGBTQ+ Center in Central Austin. The Center was created as a meeting place for all to meet new friends, play games, create crafts and generally find a sense of community whenever they choose.





Austin has the third largest LGBTQ+ population in the nation and MOWCTX is here to serve and celebrate that community of older adults.

In addition to the wrap around, holistic services available to LGBTQ+ older adults at MOWCTX, we’ve compiled a helpful list from the City of Austin of other resources that support the LGBTQ+ older adult community.





City of Austin Age-Friendly Action Plan
City of Austin Commission on Seniors
Commission on Seniors adopts inclusion statement
Austin LGBT Coalition on Aging
City of Austin LGBTQ Quality of Life Advisory Commission
Travis County Coming of Age