Telehealth Treatment for Depression

Help for homebound older adults battling depression


Homebound older adults face a higher risk for depression than the general population.  The good news is depression is a treatable disease.

That’s why Meals on Wheels Central Texas has teamed up with the Steve Hicks School of Social Work to provide free, short-term, evidence-based treatment for our clients who are 50 or older. 

Mental health counselors will help clients build skills to better manage their depression.  Eligible individuals receive one of the following:

  • Five sessions of video-conferenced Problem-Solving Therapy (PST);
  • Five sessions of video-conferenced Self-care Management Support (SCM); 
  • Five telephone safety check calls.  These clients will receive either PST or SCM after 6-month waiting period.

All services include in-depth, in-home assessment sessions.  No prior computer or internet skills are needed to participate and all necessary video-conferencing equipment will be provided free of charge.

Please call 512-628-8708 for more information.  This wonderful telehealth treatment program is funded by the National Institutes on Health and the St. David’s Foundation.