Impact Numbers for 2018 *

Total meals 

747,938 served for all meal programs

Meals on Wheels

565,727 meals prepared for clients

Case Management

9,450 hours of case management and technology assistance provided


200,652 hours of in-home care provided

Breakfast Meals

Clients received 42,860 breakfast meals in addition to the regular meal delivery


37,712 lbs. of cat food and litter delivered

Home Repair

178 homes repaired, renovated, or modified

Mike's Place

3,567 hours of fun and respite provided

Country Wheels

30,091 meals delivered to rural clients


94,907 lbs of shelf stable foods delivered

Senior Centers

109,260 meals served at senior activity centers

Handy Wheels

849 jobs completed

Groceries to Go

8,189 volunteer hours dedicated to helping clients with grocery shopping


*All stats from FY 2018