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As I prepare to step down, thank you

Dear Friend: Meals on Wheels Central Texas is a community cornerstone. It’s a place where everyday people unite to help our neighbors. Our work addresses the mind, body, and heart of those we serve through life-sustaining programs. I thank you for being an essential part of this organization; whether you donate your time, your treasure, or both, your participation is what makes our community strong.  With my retirement coming in a few short months, I know I’m going to miss working side by side with the incredible team here at MOWCTX. But there’s peace in knowing that I leave behind a strong organization that can weather life’s storms and keep our community a place where compassion is of the greatest value ...

HAND Now a Division of Meals on Wheels Central Texas

A few words from Dan Pruett, President/CEO of MOWCTX, and Marsha Wier, Executive Director of HAND.

HAND: “If I’m Feeling Down, She Lifts Me Up”

When Mary J. St. Clair’s husband, Johnny, developed Alzheimer’s, she became his caregiver.  That’s in spite of the fact that she was battling major heart problems at the time.  Mr. St. Clair passed away in 2013; a year later, his wife found herself needing assistance in order to live independently. Fortunately, HAND was there to help.

I Just Always Liked Working With Volunteers

Some businesses are lucky enough to have one - that person who’s a walking, talking company history book.  Someone who knows the personalities, peaks and valleys, character and culture of the place, and played a vital role in shaping that character and culture.  For decades, Suellen Mills was that person at Meals on Wheels Central Texas.  Suellen retired January 31st after more than 42 years on the job.  She will be missed.


AUSTIN, TX (Feb. 9, 2017) – Meals on Wheels and AT&T today joined forces to launch a series of Cell Phone Workshops for Seniors to help senior consumers harness the power of new and innovative technologies to improve their daily lives while staying connected with family and friends.