“Everyone was so receptive”

June 2, 2023

Timing is everything when it comes to meeting your life partner of 56 years and for Barbara and Lawrence Hauk, it almost didn't happen. They were set up on a blind date by friends, a scant five days before Lawrence had to ship out to the Korean War with his Army unit. But the date went so well they wrote letters during his deployment and married shortly after his return. They raised three children in San Antonio, TX. and enjoy the company of six grandchildren. But as they grew older, their son wanted them living closer to the rest of the family living in Round Rock. There they bought a newer home built in 2005, which was structurally sound however, when Barbara experienced back injuries and multiple surgeries, and a diagnosis of eventually needing a wheelchair, they knew they would need ADA modifications they couldn’t afford. Fortunately, Barbara saw an ad for Meals on Wheels Central Texas and called to enquire about services. “ I called and started asking questions and everyone was so receptive,” remembers Barbara.


Thanks to the generous support from Home Depot Foundation, the Haucks had all their doorways widened to accommodate a wheelchair, carpeting pulled up and new flooring put in and ADA fixtures in both bathrooms. “They were just so gracious,” says Barbara. “We are so appreciative and there are no complaints.”