Helping Homebound Heroes - October

September 22, 2021

Vietnam veteran Mike Prosser served our nation for 17-years in the United States Marine Corps.

Now 71-years-old, he and his wife, Claire, enjoy retirement in Burnet, Texas where they bought their home in 2007. “We’re happy here,” Claire Prosser says. In recent years, though, problems with the house began to pop up - some of which threatened the couple’s safety. For one thing, Mr. Prosser was having trouble getting in and out of the bathtub.

They turned to the Meals on Wheels Central Texas (MOWCTX) Home Repair program for help. Using funds generously donated by The Home Depot Foundation, MOWCTX removed the bathtub and replaced it with a walk-in shower. Workers also installed new kitchen cabinets and counters, a new sink, and brand new appliances. They even built a doggy door for the Prossers’ dogs, Ringo, Piper and Emmy, to use.

The couple is thrilled with the finished product and very grateful for the help. “It really saved us a lot. It would have taken us years to save up to pay for this,” Claire Prosser says of the renovations. “I tell everybody who asks that Meals on Wheels Central Texas and The Home Depot Foundation did all of this.”