“I was not expecting all the help we got”

January 2, 2024

Charles B is what some would call a true Texan. Born and raised in El Paso, TX and a resident of Central Texas for the past 30 years, his roots run deep. After high school, Charles, like many boys his age, signed up for the military and served in the Air Force for four years, active duty and reserve. After an honorable discharge in the late 50s, Charles found work in the graphics industry and followed the jobs to Central Texas, where he met his wife of 53 years, Rosalie. 
When work brought Charles to Taylor, TX, the couple decided to buy a family home. Their home wasn’t new but solid and in good condition. Charles could do any minor repairs that needed to be done around the house. 

As the years passed and Charles and Rosalie got older, those repairs became more challenging. A shifting foundation caused cracks in the walls and ceilings that were costly to repair and too big a job for either one to tackle. That’s when Rosalie started researching their options and found out about the Meals on Wheels Home Repair program online. “It says Meals on Wheels and More, and that’s how we found out about it,” says Charles. “My wife did all the paperwork.” Because of the generous funding from The Home Depot Foundation and Meals on Wheels America, Charles and Rosalie got a new foundation and floor and ceiling repairs throughout their home. Charles says they are also giving the interior and exterior a fresh coat of paint. “I was not expecting all the help we got,” remarks Charles. “They went all out. We are very grateful for Meals on Wheels Central Texas.”