“It’s a big relief not to worry about repairs anymore.”

February 28, 2024

Arthur Gamez was a teenager living in Taylor, Texas, who was looking for a change when he joined the military during the Persian Gulf War. He knew the dangers, but nothing could prepare him for an injury received during engagement. After an honorable discharge, Arthur returned to his hometown, where he was reunited with his high school sweetheart, Letecia, and they were soon married. Arthur was a corrections officer for the state prison system for 18 years. The work required that he and Letecia move to wherever he was assigned. Arthur admitted it was difficult work at times. 

The couple decided to invest in a home in Kyle, Texas, in 2017, shortly before Arthur’s retirement. “The house was average, but the property was much bigger outside,” states Arthur, who remains passionate about being out and gardening as much as possible. While the property seemed in good shape on the surface, the HVAC system went out two weeks after the couple moved in. “We didn’t have the finances to fix it,” says Arthur. Fortunately, Arthur’s niece researched online and found the Meals on Wheels Central Texas Home Repair program. Because of his veteran standing and disabilities, Arthur was approved quickly. Thanks to support from Meals on Wheels America and the generous funding from The Home Depot Foundation, construction crews replaced the old uneven floors, updated the bathroom to be ADA-compliant, and switched out the tub for a shower. Arthur was starting to have difficulty getting into the tub, “It’s a big relief not to worry about repairs anymore.”