“Our prayers were answered through the Home Repair Program, we thank God for what we have.”

May 6, 2022

“Our prayers were answered through the Home Repair Program, we thank God for what we have." Regina Jones is a retired army veteran, originally from the East coast who met her first husband in the military. Several tours around the globe brought them to purchasing land in Caldwell, TX. There they bought a pre-used mobile home in 2003 where they raised a small, happy family. After almost 32 years of marriage, Regina lost her first husband to chronic illness and because of his disabilities and endless doctor's visits, there simply was no money for repairs. Unbeknownst to Regina, her husband asked his best friend, a local pastor, to keep an eye on his wife and daughters after he passed. His friend would come by and check on the children and house and spend time with the family "keeping his promise to help" says Regina. Their friendship soon became more and before long, they married. Her second husband, also a retired veteran, suffered from back injuries and Regina was again in a situation with lack of finances and doctor's appointments. But this time she got advice from her close friend to apply for the Meals on Wheels Central Texas Home Repair program. Within a short amount of time, thanks to funding from The Home Depot Foundation, Regina had a new HVAC system, a much needed ramp leading to the house and even a whirlpool for therapy for her husband. Regina says her friends come to visit and compliment her on the upgrades to her home. And although her husband has surgeries on the horizon, Regina says “when we are on our feet again, we plan to give back to Meals on Wheels Central Texas as soon as we can. We have to. We are so grateful."