“Seeing all these people gives me a sense of gratitude”

September 1, 2023

As many of our volunteers do, Tanvir Hyder found Meals on Wheels Central Texas while searching for a volunteer opportunity. In 2018, he found himself retired and was looking for something to fill his time after a long, successful career as a CPA. “I worked for companies like Xerox and American Airlines,” he stated. “I was looking for a worthwhile activity.” Initially, Tanvir volunteered in Arlington, TX, where he lived with his wife, Ana. “This was the one charitable organization where she approved of me spending my time,” he laughs. But the couple decided to move to Austin, and Tanvir quickly signed up to be a sub volunteer, ensuring he would have a route daily. “I wanted to be busy every day. Subbing was the best way to do it.” 

Tanvir quickly noticed the need of the senior neighbors he delivered to, and he committed himself to serving his community from 2018 to now. “Most of them need the food. They can’t cook it for themselves,” he stated. After his wife passed in 2020, Tanvir became a fixture at Meals on Wheels Central Texas. He shows up ready to deliver on wherever route he gets. When asked what aspect he liked most about volunteering, Tanvir replied, “I like the organization. It gives me something to do. Seeing all these people gives me a sense of gratitude, and I’m glad I am delivering food instead of having food delivered to me.” Tanvir is committed to serving his community as long as he can. “I get more from Meals on Wheels Central Texas than I give,” he remarks. “It’s not an even exchange.”