“The volunteers, I tell my friends they treat my animals like royalty.”

September 1, 2023

Adelita looks around her home with 4 small dogs and 4 cats and laughs, “ I call it the circus.” At one time she hosted 10 neighborhood cats that found their way to her home but after feeding them back to health they moved on to new homes. Adelita has been widowed for two years but she shared a love of animals with her husband, George. “He was part of the 4H Club and raised chickens, horses and cows” she says. Now on her own, Adelita is kept busy caring for her dogs “ they let me know when someone is at the door,” and her four cats: Sunshine, Gracy, Smoke and Bubbles who is the oldest, at 15. 

Adelita found Meals on Wheels Central Texas through her home nurse who was coming to help Adelita manage her home after George lost his leg to diabetes. Overwhelmed by cooking and cleaning, the meal delivery program offered a sense of relief. Living off of only one salary, Adelita remembers “we were in a hole.” She discovered the PALS program and quickly signed up so that she could keep her beloved animals at home. Through the PALS program, the pets get picked up by volunteers for regular vet visits and Adelita gets supplemental dog and cat food as needed. “ The volunteers, I tell my friends they treat my animals like royalty,” says Adelita. “ They treat them with tender loving care so I have no problem trusting my pets to them. I need every little bit of help I can get.”