Vietnam War Vet Gets the Repairs his Home Needs From the Home Depot Foundation

September 8, 2023

A true hero, Robert Washington served in the Vietnam War and served three tours of duty, he would have done a fourth but after witnessing a close friend get injured on the field, Robert was exhausted and done. Robert was born and raised in Austin, Texas where he met his wife Joyce, whom he has been married to for 53 years. The couple bought a home that was brand new in the 70s. There they raised two daughters and any needed home repairs were done by Mr. Williams himself. 
Fast forward to the early aughts and the Washington’s were still in their beloved home but Robert was suffering from early onset dementia and was unable to do much in terms of upkeep. His daughter, Shantay, started researching home repair grants and happened upon the Meals on Wheels Home Repair program. Because of the support from The Home Depot Foundation, contractors came into the family home and installed rails in front of the home, a ramp repaired the roof, and installed a shower with grab bars for safety. Says his daughter Shantay, “Now it’s good because they can back his truck into the yard and it’s much easier for my mom to help him in and out.”