“We’re still in pretty good shape”

February 1, 2024

Cynthia B. and Luna R. are both lifelong residents of Austin, TX. Cynthia has fond memories of growing up in East Austin, where they bought their modest home. The two met in the mid-80s after Luna had honorably served in the Army during the sixties. They had an immediate connection and soon married, renting in Austin until they could afford to look at homes in East Austin. The house they bought was modest and needed work, but “it’s what we could afford at the time,” says Cynthia. It immediately became clear that the house needed more repairs than either could afford: an old leaking roof, faulty plumbing, and old floors. Fortunately, Luna heard an ad on the radio for the Meals on Wheels Home Repair program. He applied for services and was quickly approved.

To their delight, a crew of contractors and staff from Meals on Wheels Central Texas arrived and began making much-needed changes in their home. For Luna, the most significant impact was the roof and kitchen upgrades. “They did a lot, we appreciate it. “he says. Thanks to support from Meals on Wheels America and the generous funding from The Home Depot Foundation, Luna and Cynthia don’t have to worry about storms as much and know their house is secure. 

Now that they are older, the two spend most of their time inside with each other. The new floors make it much easier to walk with their walking sticks. “We’re still in pretty good shape,” laughs Luna.